Thank you to fellow Gatepost editors

This academic year has been a roller-coaster ride for me.  At this time last year, I thought I had it all figured out – I was loving my English classes, I had been a full-section news editor for The Gatepost since February 2012 and was going to continue in that position the following academic year.  And I had a great summer ahead of me – I had a summer internship at Siver Insurance in Lancaster, Mass., was going to be freelancing for both The Clinton Item and The West Boylston and Boylston Banner and even helping a local elderly woman from Cuba start her memoir.

Then the fall 2012 semester rolled around and it wasn’t long before I realized I wasn’t happy as an English major.  And for a while, I wasn’t sure if I was happy at Framingham State.  But thanks to a few Gatepost editors – who also happen to be some of my good friends – I figured out that FSU is the school for me, and that I’m better suited to be a communication arts major.

Kerrin: Thank you for always being there for me – when I’m happy, when I’m sad.  I honestly don’t know what I’d  do without you.  You not only helped me through what was a really tough semester for me, but you’ve made me laugh my hardest when I need it the most.  Thank you for being an incredible role model and making me want to stay at The Gatepost just so I can keep working with you!  I know you’re going to be an amazing editor-in-chief next year, but I’m already dreading what the year after will be like without you.  Here’s to another year together – let’s make it count (I know we will)!

Spencer: Thank you for realizing that I needed to talk to you about where I stood at the end of last semester.  Even though I couldn’t give you a solid answer for a while as to what my plans were for next year, our talk made me think a lot about not only my future at The Gatepost, but in journalism in general.  And I can’t thank you enough for getting our staff to the College Media Association’s spring national college media convention in New York – that experience reminded me that working for The Gatepost has helped me gain the skills I need in order to be a journalist.  You have been an exceptional editor-in-chief, and I’m going to miss you and your passion for journalism (and even your cheesy jokes), but I know you’re going to go on to do bigger and better “things” after you graduate.

Kathleen: Thank you for being the best co-news editor.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate our little talks about journalism (Gatepost) experience and trying to convince me that switching to communication arts was the way to go (you were right!).  Thank you for making me want to be the best news writer I can be.  I’m going to miss you and your Boston accent (and your bun) next year, but I know I can always read your blog, and someday, your work in Cosmo.

I’m looking forward both to my summer internship at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine and starting a new year at Framingham State in the fall as a communication arts major and an associate editor for The Gatepost.


An NYC first timer

When I wasn’t attending seminars at this year’s College Media Association’s spring national college media convention in New York City, I was exploring the city, which was completely new to me.

March 9, 2013

During my first night there, strolling around Times Square, I saw ABC Family “Bunheads” actress Julia Goldani Telles.  Unfortunately, I must admit I regret not asking to get a photo with her!

March 10, 2013

The next night, with Gatepost Associate Editor Kerrin Murray and my Co-News Editor Kathleen McDonough, I ate supper at Guy Fieri’s Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar where I had the spicy “Volcano Chicken.”  After that, we got dessert at NYC’s Cake Boss bakery.  I got a mini cheese cake with a giant chocolate covered strawberry on top, that I can only describe as divine.

While walking around, deciding what to do that night, we found ourselves at a cross walk with the Duggars from TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting.”  We found out later that they were on the “Today Show” the next day.

View from ESB

A view of New York City from the Empire State Building.

We concluded the night by getting a view of NYC from the Empire State Building.  As cheesy as it may sound, it truly was breathtaking.  I’m so glad we went there.

March 11, 2013

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central turns 100 this year.

On our last night there, Kerrin and I walked to Grand Central Terminal, where we walked around inside and took plenty of photos.

On our way back to our hotel, we walked by the New York Public Library, where we also got some great pictures.


The New York Public Library – beautiful even at night.

I loved the time I had in NYC.  I hope I’ll be back some day!

The photos featured in this post were taken by me.