On-campus signage changed following publication of article in The Gatepost

The new sign in Framingham State's cafeteria bares the school's current name.

The new sign in Framingham State’s cafeteria bares the school’s current name.

I recently noticed that an on-campus sign in my school’s cafeteria has been changed from “Framingham State College” to “Framingham State University” (Framingham State officially became a university in July 2010).

The change came after an article was published in The Gatepost at the beginning of this semester, in which I wrote about FSU’s transition to university status and talk about the old sign in my lede.

Although I don’t know for sure, I’d like to think the article convinced university officials to change the sign in the dining commons.

Initially I was told by FSU’s Executive Vice President Dale Hamel that “unless something is ‘very apparent,’ certain cases will only be addressed ‘as need be,’” and he added that he “doesn’t know if every sign on campus will be changed.”

While I understand that keeping some of the old nomenclature signs on campus keeps the history of FSU alive, I think it’s important that major signage, like that in the cafeteria, bares the school’s current name.  Not only does it simply make sense, but it instills a sense of pride in the FSU community.

After all, like FSU’s President Timothy Flanagan told me, “‘We were a great college before the name change and we are a great university following the name change.’”

It’s therefore only right that we represent that message on our campus.

To learn more about Framingham State’s transition to university status, check out my article No longer a “college”: Framingham State’s transition to university status.

I took the photo above.


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