First podcast to come

I’ve been trying to post my first podcast, but I’ve been having some technical difficulties.

On Monday, April 1, 2013, I recorded The Gatepost’s two Associate Editors Kerrin Murray and Joe Kourieh discussing their opposing viewpoints on the topic of gun control.

They have written opinion pieces for the Op-Ed section of The Gatepost expressing their differing positions on different topics and events like President Obama’s State of the Union Address in February.

Their discussion went well and I saved the recording from my iPod nano on my computer, but have since been having trouble getting it up on my blog.  It’s currently loading in Sound Cloud for the fourth time, because it keeps failing once it’s around 32 percent uploaded.

I’m going to post it as soon as I can!

In the meantime, the associate editors have had their opinions on gun control published in the April 5 edition of The Gatepost.

Read Murray’s Op-Ed “A gun ban simply won’t work.”

Read Kourieh’s Op-Ed “Keep the tools of war out of our homes.”

Updates on the podcast to come.


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