‘Thursday night Gatepost confessions’ video

Check out Confessions of a Student Newspaper Editor’s first video “Thursday night Gatepost confessions.”  It’s a spinoff of YouTuber hayleighcolombo‘s video “Shit Student Journalists Say” posted in January 2012.  My video captures a small portion of the insanity that exists in The Gatepost office on Thursday nights, when our staff copy edits articles and lays out each section’s pages in order for a published issue to be available to the Framingham State University community the following morning.

Gatepost News Editor Kathleen McDonough and Associate Editor and Editor-in-Chief-elect for the 2013-2014 academic year Kerrin Murray talk “Newsie Speak” in the news section, which is still decorated for McDonough’s birthday, which was a week before this video was made.  In the end, they decide to blame all of their newspaper-related problems and worries on The Gatepost‘s current Editor-in-Chief Spencer Buell.

I’d like to give a huge shoutout and thank you to my Writing for Online and Social Media class’ Professor (and Assistant Advisor to The Gatepost) Meredith O’Brien-Weiss for all of her help with this video!  I was having some serious technical difficulties, but she figured it out!  Thank you Meredith!  And of course a big thank you goes out to Kathleen, Kerrin and Spencer.

Here’s the video:

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Sandella’s brings all the students to the yard

A student purchases a F’Real Reece’s milkshake at FSU’s Sandella’s.

The most recent feature I wrote for my feature writing class and which was published in The Gatepost was “Students pleased with Sandella’s food options” in the April 5 edition.

The article is a business feature about the status of Framingham State University’s on-campus Sandella’s restaurant and convenience store a little over a year after the restaurant opened.

I spoke with FSU’s Director of Sodexo Dining Services Ralph Eddy about Sandella’s, how students have taken to the new dining spot and how he hopes students utilize the space for future events and activities.

I have to credit my Co-News Editor Michael B. Murphy for this post’s title.  He thought of Kelis’ song “Milkshake” when we discussed making a teaser of the article for the front page of The Gatepost because one of Sandella’s’ newest and most popular features with students is its F’Real brand milkshake blender and F’Real’s milkshake and smoothie options.  (In the end, the article wasn’t teased.)

The above photo was taken by Photo Editor Allie Card for The Gatepost.

This week in the news: res hall fire, on-campus memorial removal change and FSU tuition and fees to increase, among other stories

Check out the news section’s work in the April 12 edition of The Gatepost.  Here are our most recent articles and their ledes:

The scene outside FSU’s North Hall, where a sixth-floor fire occurred on Friday, April 5.

“Almost all of the students displaced by a fire in North Hall on Friday were allowed to return to their rooms as of 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dan Magazu, FSU’s external relations coordinator, said.”

“Responding to a controversy two weeks ago, administrators say, in the future, they will be more communicative with students about the removal process for on-campus memorials placed around campus.”

“FSU plans to slow enrollment growth and student tuition and fees increases in 2014, Executive Vice President Dale Hamel told the Board of Trustees as a part of the FY2014 budget report.”

“The SGA election results for the 2013-14 academic year are in, and of the two contested races, Daniel Costello and Kevin Long were elected vice president and secretary, respectively.”

“President Timothy Flanagan said the administration is drafting a proposal for a multicultural center on campus that he will be bringing to the board for approval at its next meeting on May 14.”

“The Board of Higher Education (BHE) is pushing to be more involved in the Board of Trustees’ processes of selecting new university presidents and setting their compensations, according to Commissioner of Higher Education Richard M. Freeland.”

“On Tuesday, April 9, FSU’s Black Student Union came before SGA to request $3,601.96 in SGA unallocated funds for its Culture Show After Party.”

Please provide a brief summary of your resume and educational background.

I received my undergraduate degree bachelor’s from Boston Conservatory. Then I went on to get Master’s and Ph.D. at Brown University.”

Opinion Editor Sam Rawson’s article “NEASC to re-accredit FSU in 2014” was also published in the April 12 edition of The Gatepost, but it appears that only a portion of the article was posted on The Gatepost‘s website.  Check the website for updates.

The above photo was taken by The Gatepost‘s Photo Editor Allie Card for The Gatepost.

On-campus signage changed following publication of article in The Gatepost

The new sign in Framingham State's cafeteria bares the school's current name.

The new sign in Framingham State’s cafeteria bares the school’s current name.

I recently noticed that an on-campus sign in my school’s cafeteria has been changed from “Framingham State College” to “Framingham State University” (Framingham State officially became a university in July 2010).

The change came after an article was published in The Gatepost at the beginning of this semester, in which I wrote about FSU’s transition to university status and talk about the old sign in my lede.

Although I don’t know for sure, I’d like to think the article convinced university officials to change the sign in the dining commons.

Initially I was told by FSU’s Executive Vice President Dale Hamel that “unless something is ‘very apparent,’ certain cases will only be addressed ‘as need be,’” and he added that he “doesn’t know if every sign on campus will be changed.”

While I understand that keeping some of the old nomenclature signs on campus keeps the history of FSU alive, I think it’s important that major signage, like that in the cafeteria, bares the school’s current name.  Not only does it simply make sense, but it instills a sense of pride in the FSU community.

After all, like FSU’s President Timothy Flanagan told me, “‘We were a great college before the name change and we are a great university following the name change.’”

It’s therefore only right that we represent that message on our campus.

To learn more about Framingham State’s transition to university status, check out my article No longer a “college”: Framingham State’s transition to university status.

I took the photo above.

Podcast: Confessions of two Gatepost editors about gun control

Listen to a podcast in which The Gatepost’s two Associate Editors Kerrin Murray and Joe Kourieh discuss their opposing viewpoints on the topic of gun control.

Murray and Kourieh have written opinion pieces for the Op-Ed section of The Gatepost expressing their differing positions on different topics and events like President Obama’s State of the Union Address in February.

They wrote about their stances on gun control for the Op-Ed section in the April 5 edition of The Gatepost.  Check them out after you listen to the podcast:

A gun ban simply won’t work” by Kerrin Murray and “Keep the tools of war out of our homes” by Joe Kourieh.

First podcast to come

I’ve been trying to post my first podcast, but I’ve been having some technical difficulties.

On Monday, April 1, 2013, I recorded The Gatepost’s two Associate Editors Kerrin Murray and Joe Kourieh discussing their opposing viewpoints on the topic of gun control.

They have written opinion pieces for the Op-Ed section of The Gatepost expressing their differing positions on different topics and events like President Obama’s State of the Union Address in February.

Their discussion went well and I saved the recording from my iPod nano on my computer, but have since been having trouble getting it up on my blog.  It’s currently loading in Sound Cloud for the fourth time, because it keeps failing once it’s around 32 percent uploaded.

I’m going to post it as soon as I can!

In the meantime, the associate editors have had their opinions on gun control published in the April 5 edition of The Gatepost.

Read Murray’s Op-Ed “A gun ban simply won’t work.”

Read Kourieh’s Op-Ed “Keep the tools of war out of our homes.”

Updates on the podcast to come.