Lee Brice: truly not ‘hard to love’

Country singer Lee Brice performs at FSU.

Country singer Lee Brice performs at FSU.

As overused as my claim is – it’s true: Lee Brice is, in fact, not hard to love.

I know, because I got to both interview him via phone and cover his performance at Framingham State University’s annual Student Union Activities Board-sponsored spring concert for The Gatepost.

A few days before the country singer arrived to steal the hearts of FSU’s country fans, I and one of The Gatepost’s Associate Editors Kerrin Murray waited for him to call us so we could ask him a few questions.

He was polite from the very beginning all the way through the end of our five-minute talk – we had originally been given a 15-minute time limit, but clearly, he’s used to keeping interviews short and sweet.

He even laughed at our last question: “Would you say you are hard to love?” He admitted that although he tries not be, being away from his family while performing is hard for them. However, his seemingly friendly personality portrayed him as anything but hard to love.

The same could be said about his performance at FSU. It was clear from the way the floor shook in the Dwight Performing Arts Center that the audience was more than impressed by this year’s spring concert headliner.

To learn more about the concert and interview, check out my article “Not ‘hard to love’” and Brice’s Q&A with Kerrin and me.

Photo courtesy Alexis Huston via The Gatepost.


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