Getting to cover Dalton and the Sheriffs was a great experience

Dalton and the Sheriffs performing at the Simple Man Saloon on Feb. 18.

Dalton and the Sheriffs performing at the Simple Man Saloon on Feb. 18.

I was very fortunate to be able to cover a performance of Boston-based country band Dalton and the Sheriffs for The Gatepost a couple of weeks ago.

I was introduced to the band last summer through a family friend whose son occassionally plays the mandolin with the band. I saw the band play a couple of times at the Simple Man Saloon in Clinton, MA – the same restaurant in which I covered Dalton’s Feb. 18 performance.

That performance was a tribute to former Clinton resident Maia McDermott who died in a car accident two years ago.

In my article “‘Boston country’ band thanks local fans for success,” I explain:

The event included raffling two Celtics tickets to raise money for “Team 01510,” the Clinton affiliate of Breast Intentions, Inc., which helps Breast Cancer patients pay their personal expenses, because helping those in need is something McDermott was passionate about. …

McDermott’s mother Lori McDermott, who promoted the event on Facebook, said because Maia’s brother occasionally plays with Dalton, “we’re connected to them.”

Lori said her family decided to come together to celebrate Maia’s life, and because she had been a country music fan and was passionate about helping breast cancer patients, they thought the combination was a “perfect match.” The raffle raised $365, but $540 was raised in total for “Team 01510” because of additional donations.

I originally covered the performace for a feature assignment for the feature writing class I’m taking this semester, with the hope of having it published in The Gatepost, and I’m really glad I did.

After interviewing both the band’s lead singer Brian Scully and Maia’s mother, I knew how important it was that I write about Dalton’s and Maia’s stories.

I also live tweeted the show, which was really cool because it was the first time I officially live tweeted an event. I’m happy to report I got a couple of retweets, including one from the band.

The show was lively and full of both the band’s original songs – including one of my personal favorites: “You Ain’t Her” – and covers of popular country and rock tunes like Lee Brice’s “Hard To Love” and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Kind Of Man.”

Initially, I almost wrote about something else for my feature assignment, but I know now I would have regretted not covering Dalton and the Sheriffs’ performance for Maia.

Follow Dalton and the Sheriffs on Twitter @DaltonSheriffs and on their Facebook page Watch Dalton and the Sheriffs’ “You Ain’t Her” music video here.

I took the above photo of Dalton and the Sheriffs.


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